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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A's Senior Sneak Peeks-

We had so much fun this morning photographing A! Definitely a natural! Definitely, Stunningly Beautiful!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Confessions of an MJ (matilda Jane) Addict

Q: How did you hear about Matilda Jane?

A: My neighbor found this line of clothes on a search and opted to have a party. This was her third party and when I found out I was having a girl this line was a shoe in!

Q: How long ago did you buy your first Matilda Jane piece?

A: I bought my first MJ piece about two years ago. That was when I found out that I was pregnant with my first and only daughter. Prior to her, I had three boys.

Q: What line was the hallmark of your addictivenss?

A: Gypsy blue. I even remember the items I bought! The first pieces were the bailey knot top, blushing tee, sarah top, almond straightees.

Q: Do you remember how much your first purchase was?

A: I don't remember for sure but I don't think I spent more than $175.

Q: So far what has been your most favorite line and why?

A: I would definitely have to say Field Trip. Mainly because I love the colors, their earthy, brown tones compliment my daughter the best. And I love the way the clothing fit my daughter!

Q: What was the most expensive Matilda Jane item you have purchased, either on ebay, addicts, trunk show, or MIS?

A: Don't Laugh! but I spent the most on the Gypsy Blue PR ruffles purchased on ebay, for an absolutely crazy $125. I am almost embarrassed to say! OMG, and the hubbie if he ever even thought I spent that, he might, just might have me committed. And to think I bought these ruffles a year after Gypsy Blue premiered!

Q: How often does your daughter wear Matilda Jane?

A: Every single day whether we are playing in the sandbox or going to a birthday party! she's decked out from head to toe?

Q: So do you buy coordinating hair pieces for all your MJ outfits?

A: Absolutely! Some I buy from various etsy sellers. The majority are from Zozieloo on Etsy and facebook. She does a variety of made to match (M2M) matilda jane hair flowers and are the best I have found.

Q: How much are you spending now at each show you attend? How about each line?
A: I have learned my lesson rather quick. I now just purchase every item in each line. This way I don't ever have to worry about wanting it later and paying a totally insane price for the item because it is now sold out! So you can only imagine what I am paying!

Q: How are you supporting your MJ habit?

A: Well, I do work overtime at the hospital. But what I love about Matilda Jane is that the resale price, whether it be on ebay, MIS, or addicts is enough incentive for me to continue my have to have Matilda Janes!

Q: Is your husband aware of your Matilda Jane addiction?

A: He is aware that the only clothing, besides underwear that my daughter wears is Matilda Jane. However, he has no idea, nor will he ever have any idea of what "we" spend on her clothing.

Q: Where do to you find support when you feel your Matilda Jane spending is getting out of hand?

A: When I am having a rough day and can't find some "have to have" Matilda Jane items (I still need to have my favorites in bigger sizes so as my daughter grows she can continue to wear my favs), I usually seek comfort with other "addicts" who know and feel my addictiveness! Even when I have a hard time trying to find what I need, I usually go to MIS or other sites and tell them what I am looking for! It's called ISO! in search of!!!! websites created by other MJ addicts!

Q: Have you ever damaged or has your daughter ever ruined an MJ fav? And what did you do about it?

A: I haven't ever had too much happen to my MJ clothes! And if it has, I am usually kinda OK about it. I try to realize that she's only almost 2 and it makes for a much more pleasant day to not worry about these clothes getting ruined!

Q: During a new launch, have you ever freaked out thinking that you might not get a piece or not that sold out literally in minutes?

A: I have never lashed out irrationally! However, I think like this! If I don't get it, I will eventually, I just might have to pay more! Plus, I have an awesome trunk keeper! Cindy T. is the best!

Q: When did you realize you were an MJ addict?

A: I have secretly known for quite sometime! I found myself checking the MJ lookbook, and even surfing the addicts FB page not just daily, it was hourly! But the realization hit when I was in the hospital last week (as a patient), and I was totally freaked out about how I was going to get to the MJ Art Fair Friday! A fellow addict who works with me was visiting, and she convinced me all would be good and she would take over the driving responsibility! Even though my pain was a 10/10, i was literally vomiting because of how sick I was, yet, I still was panicked that I may not be able to go!

Q: On an end note, have you ever attended the Matilda Jane Art Fair? And what should people attending expect?

A: Believe it or not I haven't! However, I am going Friday with fellow addicts and feel that I am well prepared! I have multiple bags for walking storage, my phone in the back pocket, shoulder pads, and other armour to help keep my items that may be confiscated by fellow addicts! I heard it is overwhelming! How will I be able to afford one of each size 2 item I need! I'll keep you posted on my Trials of the MJ Art Fair! to be continued next week.......

Thursday, June 2, 2011


OK Guys, Here it is! Details on how to win a free photo session from b&b photography!

1. First, share our facebook link with all your facebook friends!
2. Next, tell them to like our facebook page.
3. Finally, instruct them to go to our blog site and comment under this post by telling us who sent them.

Whoever gets the most people to do the above wins a free photo session to be used in the month of June. Contest ends Friday, June 10th. winner to be announced on the blog. Please don't post who sent you on facebook, they do not allow contests to be run on facebook! if they do feel that a contest is being promoted on fb they will shut down your fb page. Remember this is for fans in the Chicagoland area! photo sessions to be done at a b&b location!

Good Luck to you all!

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